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Class Descriptions

Welcome to our class listings.  Below is a description of each of the classes we offer

Flow Yoga

Emphasizes the continuous movement between postures, synchronized with a guided deliberate breath. The flow yoga practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength and fluidity of motion

Yoga Trapeze

In these classes the focus is on building our posterior chain muscles as well as using inversions in the yoga sling in order to relieve back pain and tensions.


These classes will be high energy and tons of fun. We use our own body weight to strengthen muscles and build endurance.


This class will have a guest teacher trained in boxing. He will come and teach us boxing techniques.


These classes focus on lengthening and relaxing muscles and moving joints through their full range of motion. Stretching enables your muscles to work most effectively can can improve your ability to do daily activities

Restorative Yoga

These Relaxing classes use props and breathing techniques to comfortably hold different poses for longer periods of time. The focus is on setting our parasympathetic nervous systems so our bodies rest and digest better.

TRX & Stretch

These classes will use the straps from our yoga trapezes to push, pull, and squat our way to healthier leaner bodies.

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